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Oct 19, 2007 at 10:54 AM

how can I modify RSPO_DOWNLOAD_SPOOLJOB to export spool larger than 255?



I need a FM that can copy in a (internal)table all the records from a spool list(ME2L Executed in background). It doesn't matter if the FM export this datas in a document, <b>I am only interested to catch the spool list</b>, so I can modify this list in order to send it on e-mail.

my problem is that I didn't find a FM to do this job.

I tried RSPO_DOWNLOAD_SPOOLJOB, but it only take the short list of 255 characters (ASCII mode), and I am interested to obtein the entier list wich is over 1000 characters.

I tried copping RSPO_DOWNLOAD_SPOOLJOB, an modifing the lenght of table <b>buffer</b>, but it still read first 255 characters of every raw, and fill the rest characters with space.

If you have any ideea,


Best regards,