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Nov 01, 2016 at 08:08 PM

Locking in SAP BW IP by user groups


Hello gurus,

I am new to Integrated planning. I have an issue with locking of users.

I have nearly 800 org codes 2000 occupation codes.

The users want to plan based on the actuals and they want to be able to add the combinations if it does not exist in the actuals.

so now the issue is:

I have three different groups of users:

Group A: Analysts,

Group B: Executive Analysts

Group C: Users

In the beginning all the groups will have ability to edit or add records. When group A is locked out they should not be able to edit or add the records, but Groups B and C should be able to edit and add records. Similary when Group B is locked out Only group C should be able to add / edit the records.

How should I implement this kind of locking.