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Oct 19, 2007 at 05:08 AM

Posting Purchase order through DTW template



Good Morning

I am importing po through DTW templete.

after import, Item in a PO is taking price which is link to pricelist attachwith BP

(BP ->Payment tab) and showing adjusted price as discount. so total value of item is matched But total value of PO is wrong because of discount amount.

I explained it with example

I want to import item A with following details

In legacy system, PO details is

ITEM - A Price - 1.00 quanity - 100 Amount- 100

ITEM - B Price - 5.5 quanity - 100 Amount- 550

Total PO Amount - 650

After importing above po in SBO, i have got above PO as

Price list attached with BP Is Purchse List and Rates of following item in that pricelist are ITEM A - 1.5 ITEM B - 5.5

ITEM - A Price - 1.50 quanity - 100 discount- -0.33 AMOUNT : 100

ITEM - B Price - 5.5 quanity - 100 discount- 0.00 aMOUNT : 550

TOtal Befor Discount : 650

Discount : -50

Total PO Amount 700

Means Po amount in Legacy system is 650

and in SAP BO, it show that amount as Total Before Discount

Please help me

i want to import Po as in Legacy system.

is price change in any price list after entering po? which price list will we get affected ?