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Oct 18, 2007 at 10:45 PM

Mapping of Multiple Line Items


Hello All,

While trying to post a purchase order creation into R/3, there are several line items in the purchase order. Each has different quantity, GL account, cost center and unit price. So how should I map it to the target field.

Occurence of order detail

order detail 0..1

list of item details 1..1

Item detail 1..unbounded

base item detail 1..1

line item number 1..1

buyer line item num 1..1

So occurence of buyer line item number is not unbounded. so how can I duplicate this buyer line item number?

For example, In the XML source message I have 5 line items.....

for line item one, I have quantity A, GL account B, cost center C and unit price D,

for line item two, I have line item X, Quantity Y, GL account Z, Cost center M and unit price N, etc

When I am trying to map I am able to pick only the first line item. Can anyone throw some light on how I should map all the line items data?

If anyone can help me with mapping of this. A bit in detail please