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Oct 18, 2007 at 09:27 PM

Admission Restricted (IT 1730)



We want to enforce that a student can not book a class (register) if it is before they have been admitted to the university. (Admitted in Fall, tries to take class in Summer.) It was suggested that we use the Admission Restricted field on IT 1730-Program Data. It is our understanding that if this is checked, the badi Check_admission_allowed is now used.

Question – does invoking this badi make any other code not valid? A year ago, it is being remembered that it made other “things” (can’t be specific on things because the original person that did the testing is gone and I can’t break anything) did not work right. Our programmer remembers that other code is not checked when this box is checked and just the badi is used. (He is referencing work he did on this from 2006.) He stated that the code that is checking other things would have to be included in the badi and it would be to complex.

Is this true? It appears to work the way we want but since some concern has been voiced by my co-workers, I thought I’d double check.

Thank you.