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Oct 18, 2007 at 08:29 PM

New to SAP, I have 6 newbies questions


Hi All, I am new to SAP and I have few questions:

1. How to change print template on Invoice/PO? Does the app have pre-defined template?

2. How to print and send PO in text format?

3. What is the short cut to add New Customer/Item/vendor?

What I do: To create a new Vendor for example, I have to "AS IF" create PO, click Vendor, a box pop-up, choose New to create a new Vendor, Add, and close/cancel the PO. Is there anything shorter than this? Same thing with Customer and Item, I have to do this long steps.

4. I created PO and good receipt PO. When I go to Inventory Item Master Data, the item is being valuated under moving average. I go to Administration, change inventory method default to FIFO, but still my item is being treated as moving average. How to change to FIFO?

5. In addition to # 3 above, Is there anyway to customize inventory valuation method for each item? Example:

Item: Battery-1 -> I want to customize it using FIFO

Item: Battery-2 -> I want to customize it using moving average

6. Last, what is the best book/online manual to learn basic of SAP business one?