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Nov 01, 2016 at 08:08 PM

Retail and industry sector in MM01/MM41


When our SI entered information into WSS1, the Industry Sector 1 (Retail) was indicated. Our users are utilizing "Retail" in MM41 and MM01 to create articles and materials in the foreground, and are having no issues. We are trying to create a batch recording in SHDB in MM01. When the retail industry sector is selected, the program is switching the recording to tcode MM41. I found in the code where and why it is doing it.

My question is: Is it best practice in Retail to:

1. use the Retail Industry sector for both MM41 and MM01

2. Use a different industry sector already created, or
3. Create a new custom industry sector using Retail as a base?

If the answer is 1, how do we get around the issue with the background recording. If the answer is not 1, would there be any negative effects from utilizing the Retail Industry sector in MM01?

Thanks in advance!