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Oct 18, 2007 at 03:10 PM

Sapscript values Conversion


Generally script output for amount values consist of comma and fullstop.

for total amount value is 1,500,000.00

Now suppose you want to do some manipulation on it then you have to write subroutine in script and pass this value and in that case if you have do some manipulations then first you have to remove comma and fullstop

by using conversion routine or REPLACE OR TRANSLATE keyword.

i had used that one and done the manipulation also.

Upto here fine and now when i am passing this value back to sapscript it is coming as it is.

For eg now value is coming sapscript print preview is


I want to add comma and fullstop in this value.

How to do that i am not getting .

i am not getting any conversion routine for this thing also.

if i change the char value to numeric value and passed to script then it is not displaying in the output.

Please give me the solution.