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Oct 18, 2007 at 02:57 PM

Behaviour of ztables during upgrade


Hi all

I am trying to rationalise our ztables and would like to change the Delivery Class of some of our tables from 'W' to 'C' so that data can be transported through our landscape rather than manually entered on each system.

I've read the SAP help on the Delivery Class and note that the behaviour during Upgrade differs between 'W' and 'C'...:

<b>Client Dependant</b>

Class A and C: Data is only imported into client 000. Existing data records are overwritten.

Class E, S and W: Data is imported into all clients. Existing data records are overwritten.

<b>Client Independant</b>

Classes A, L and C: No data is imported.

Classes E, S, and W: Data is imported. Existing data records with the same key are overwritten.

...but I don't really understand what it means in practice. Is anybody able to explain to me what data is being imported and what the relevance of Client 000 is in this particular instance?

Please don't just copy the SAP help as I have already read it!!!