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How can I consolidate multiple tags into a single follow list?

Oct 12, 2016 at 10:28 PM


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Example: There are 12 separate tags for the SAP/Sybase Replication Server product.

In the old SCN all items (discussions/blogs/documents) for these tags would have shown up under a single forum (SAP Replication Server), and a single/combined listing of all discussions/blogs/documents; thus requiring I keep track of just one link for all things related to SAP/Sybase Replication Server.

In the new system in order to follow the same activity I have to manage 12 different follow/links! (since I have no idea/control-over what tag(s) a user may choose when creating a new question) *arg*

Is there a way I can can group a set of tags under a single follow/link? Perhaps a user-defined multi-tag follow page? [And before anyone asks ... yes, I'd want to be able to create multiple such follow pages, eg, one for all things SAP/Sybase Replication Server, one for all things SAP/Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, etc]

Or is the answer to repost at ?

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2 Answers

Vinita Kasliwal Oct 12, 2016 at 10:37 PM

I would wait for an answer on this .. I use to follow SRM, Workflow and a dozen other myself and feel a bit lost now on how to be using this tag efficiently

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Yeah, I used to follow 4 forums/communities on the old SCN. That was relatively easy to follow with 4 browser bookmarks.

I estimate that to follow the same activity in this new system I'm going to have to follow something like 25-30 tags. And since there's currently no easy way to manage my tags that means I now have to manage 25-30 browser bookmarks, and spend even more of my time checking up on those 25-30 different pages.

Unless SAP gets their act in gear and makes a hell of a lot of improvements to the new system I can tell ya ... I won't be coming here very often just to waste my time having to click through dozens of browser links.


Content that you follow, will appear in your activity stream (like on the old platform). Isn't that what you are looking for? It will be one stream, of course, not one for a group of tags, but the purpose of the activity stream is excactly that it should show you all the things your interested in.




re: activity stream ...

I just spent 20 minutes reading through coffee corner posts and 'using' threads ... giving thumbs up on several posts that echo my frustration with the new system (including lots of thumbs up for Veselina!).

Now I go to the activity stream to look for recent Q&A activity for the tags I'm following and what do I find ... I have to scroll through several pages of entries about how I recently liked a comment on such-n-such topic/thread.

While I have no problem with the concept of an activity stream, and understand that it's basically a (painfully) detailed list of minutia, when it comes to checking on recent Q&A (or blog) activity I do not want to waste my time scrolling through the minutia ... I want a precise/concise list of recent Q&A/blog activity (basically the same thing I had with the old SCN forums where I could quickly see the most recent activity for discussions/blogs/documents).


update ... (can't edit my previous comment) ... and will leave previous comment in place for continuity ...

Just saw/figured-out that I can filter the activity stream ... Q&A ... blogs ... social activities.

Now if they'd let me filter further by tag(s) ... though I would still prefer my original request of user-defined multi-tag follow lists so I can define some (browser) bookmarks for easy access (as opposed to having to manually type in each and every tag I'd be interested in filtering by; sure, I can touch-type, but I'm not a big fan of having to retype a few dozen tag names each time I want to check on Q&A/blog activity).


Don't you see an "Edit" option in the "Actions" menu under your comment?

Back to the Activity stream: more filters are on the way! I don't know, if they change the URL though (for your bookmarks).

Pretty much more everything is on the way, so I hope there will be something to help you (and me) get organized again.

This is the Idea Place for the new platform. It's filling up with ideas to make it better, so maybe if you see something, that you think is nice, vote on it. :) And of course submit ideas of your own, if you want to, but please look through the feedback list from BETA before, maybe your idea is already on there. :)




No 'Edit' option:

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John Leggio
Oct 12, 2016 at 11:12 PM

Hi Mark, I suggest you create an enhancement request on Ideaplace.


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