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Oct 18, 2007 at 11:42 AM

Analysis Process Designer


Hi APD Experts,

I'm building data transformation using Analysis Process Designer (APD).

I'm using query as data source. The query consists of two sturcutre one containing rows and the other holds key figure.

The problem is APD assigns sequential technical names to key figures e.g. PBIT being the first row in structure would be assigned KYF0001 as tech name, and Period Value GC- PL being the first structure element in columns named again have same tech name KYF0001. And this generates error and prevent process from compilation.

So, currently I'm bit stuck in very first step, i.e. data source query. Please suggest me if I'm missing any settings that needs to be done for queries being used as data source, or is there any limitation that we cannot use queries with two structures in APD?

I would highly appreciate your earliest reply. If you require any further information/clarification please let me know.