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Oct 18, 2007 at 10:40 AM

Time issues


Hi folks,

We've correctly set the TIME_AGENT settings on a device and actually it seems that during the synchronization device gets the middleware time(date and time).. But, I am just wondering about time zones...

1) Initially I thought the middleware is sending the GMT/UTC +0 time to the client and the device then perform the necessary calculations to set the time in its time zone... but after that I saw the received time is not GMT/UTC +0, but -1.. strange enough..

2) One can set the Time Zone setting from the Mobile OS settings, however MI have Time Zone setting on the Settings page.. Do you know which is taken in precedence..? And mobile MI edition differs from the win32 MI edition in that the TimeZones for mobile are only three letter abbreviations.. And there is no CET (Central European Time) - do you know if MET (Middle European Time?!?) should be used, or different..?

Any clarifications, remarks regarding TimeAgent are more than welcome, points guaranteed 😉)

Thanks in advance,


Lalo Ivanov