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Oct 18, 2007 at 10:02 AM

PCH database program loop?


Hi there,

Have anybody seen before a GET OBJEC looping indefinetelly? We have a PCH program to handle some training management.

The EV PATH is L-D-E-E.

We always start the execution with an L object. If the L object is not on one of the highest levels, the program works and ends fine, but from a certain level up, the GET OBJEC start looping and the program never stops.

Once the last E object of the catalog has been reached, for some reason, the next GET OBJEC execution starts again from the original L object.

Any idea why?

The obviuos work around is to flag the first L object and exit the program when reached for the second time, but I was looking for an ellegant solution

Other question (hope stupid one): How can you exit a GET OBJECT loop and continue processing at the END-OF-SELECTION command?

Thanks in advance

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