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Former Member
Oct 18, 2007 at 08:58 AM

files in EPS/in are deleted when JSPM starts


Hello everyone,

we've installed NW04s SR2, java only, WebAs 7.0 on AIX 5.3, Oracle

Afterwards, we wanted to implement Support Package Stack 13 using JSPM.

We put the following patches into /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in, permission 755:

- BASETABLES13_0-10003462.SCA

- ADSSAP13_0-10003001.SCA

- CAF13_0-10003464.SCA

- BIUDI13_0-10002781.SCA

- BIMMR13_0-10002782.SCA

- CORETOOLS13_0-10003456.SCA

- CAFUM13_0-10003472.SCA

- KMKWJIKS13_0-10003021.SCA

- JSPM13_0-10003470.SCA

- JLOGVIEW13_0-10003465.SCA

- SAPCAR_0-10003699.exe

- SAPBUILDT13_0-10003479.SCA

- LMTOOLS13_0-10003486.SCA

- SAPJEE13_0-10003469.SCA

- SAPJTECHF13_0-10003468.SCA

- SAPJEECOR13_0-10003466.SCA

- SAPJTECHS13_0-10003467.SCA

- igsexe_10-10003077.sar

- UMEADMIN13_0-10003471.SCA

- SPSTab.xml

- SDMKIT13_0-10003463.JAR

JSPM starts successfully, SDM can log on, then the message appears: "Synchronization of the table with system component versions and the SDM reposirory has finished".

After that, /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in is empty, and then, JSPM cannot find any patches there.

We tried some different scenarios, changing the authorization of the files, even the inbox directory, but nothing helped. The files are always deleted.

Does anyone know what to do?

Thanks for your help and best regards,