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Oct 18, 2007 at 08:53 AM

Unable to deliver returnable packaging material


Hi ;

I created a material ( 4277) with item category TAN and material 4278 with item category TAL ( returnable packaging) when I am punching sales order OR item 10 is standard item and item 20 is TAL . Now I am not able to create outbound delivery of these two items together error message delivery split due to conflicting header data KZAZU item000020 cannot be delivered with item 000010.

Now I have checked settings in

SPRO - sales - sales documents- sales documents items- assign item categories

now what should be settings in this feild what should be item category group, usage , Higher level cat, default category, MTCA

also what should be the assignment in delivery item category determination

what should be settings in feild dlvty, itcg,usg,itmc,itmc,mtlc,mtlc

what is the fundamental in assigning higher level category