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Oct 18, 2007 at 08:06 AM

sy-uzeit not working over RFC



I´m calling a function about rfc. Directly, at the beginning of the function, I´m saving the time of sy-uzeit in a lcoal field. After the processing of the function, I´m subtracting that saved tiome from the actual sy-uzeit and write that into an integer, to get the processing time.

when I debug the function, it is working well.

but when I call it over RFC from an external server application, it is always showing 0 or 1 second. And sometimes, it takes more tahn 2 minutes, until the function processing is finished. So 0 to 1 second is surely not right.

anybody an idea, what I can do to get the real processing time? Is there another field I could use, instead of sy-uzeit?

Thank you!

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