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Panelty in GRN stock (103 movt.)

Sep 21, 2017 at 10:32 AM


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hi Gurus

i have a question please reply me.

1 . i have received material quantity is 500 pcs from vandor with movement 103

2. after inspection , i accept 450 pcs with movement 105.

3. 30 pcs not return to vandor , receive as panelty in stock.

4. 20 pcs return to party as rejection.

5. so. my invoice quantity is 450 pcs, but stock quantity is 480 pcs.

please reply.

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And what is your question and why is this posted under production planning?

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3 Answers

Caetano Almeida
Sep 21, 2017 at 01:28 PM


You have listed 5 steps, but I don't see any question related to those steps. Can you pleas clarify what exactly is your doubt?



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Mohsin Abbasi Sep 21, 2017 at 08:32 PM

Dear Faisal,

What i assumed from your question is that you want to pay for the 450 Qty only, but you want to add 480 Qty in Stock. Now the Question you want to ask is how i deal with extra 30 Qty as you wanted to add in inventory either FOC (511) or with Value (501) or by Physical Inventory.

My recommendation in this regard is :

You should do GR for 450 Qty

Invoice for 450 Qty

And Add as a FOC via 511 Movt type to your Stock. As normally in textile there is also an audit concern as well if you are going for physical inventory. By doing 511 it will reduce your moving average price and make the actual moving average price as desire by the finance department.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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PRASOON AK Sep 22, 2017 at 02:15 PM


If you explain what is "penalty stock", it would be easy for us to suggest - also how the vendor knows about the penalty stock.

From my understanding, you may check whether you can activate QM inspection for the material, where you have different options for Usage Decision in QA32:



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