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Incorrect Material Availability Date from APO to ECC due to time zone difference

Hi all,

I have an issue where the shipping plant and customer has Canada time zone set and APO has UTC time zone set due to the need to have a common time zone for planning. In this case, if I raise an order on 21.09.2017 at 12 pm NZ time, the system actually returns 21.09.2017 as the MAD instead of 20.09.2017 (for Canada).

From reading a few blogs and postings on SDN, I understand that the date will be converted to the shipping plant time zone for the MAD (and good issue date, etc). However, this does seem to be the case in our system. Can someone please confirm whether what we are seeing is the standard behavior or a bug?

Note that this issue is different from issues where time zone is different between plant and customer. I have seen and read about these in OSS notes and blogs. My scenario here is very simple where the time zone used in APO for the location is different from that in the plant in ECC.

Appreciate any pointers on the above.



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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Oct 19, 2017 at 06:31 AM

    Hi SF,

    A different timezone settings for the same plant in ECC and SCM system leads to the observed issue/problems during scheduling. The system converts the MAD in ECC into UTC timestamp and is calling SCM system for scheduling. In the SCM system the MAD is converted again with the different timezone from SCM masterdata and you end up in false scheduling results. I can just recommend to use the same timezone for the plant in ECC and SCM system.

    best regards,


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    • ECC date -> convert to UTC -> SCM date

      SCM date -> does not convert to UTC? -> ECC date (ends up being incorrect)

      I'm not an SCM expert but this doesn't seem logical. Why can't the date conversion happen both ways? Then the internal time zone would be irrelevant. Unless I'm missing something...

      From your explanation it seems like the date/time can be passed correctly to SCM but not back. Why?