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Sep 21, 2017 at 04:36 AM

Some strange transactions in a planned version

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Dear All

I am not a finance consultant but I needed to write this into this forum and I hope I will get some answers from the Finance Gurus. Let me summarize the situation:

We have a custom CO version, called FXX (01, 02...) version which we generate every new Fiscal Period and XX denotes the financial period.

We are using the transaction CJR2 (a PS transaction which allows Cost Elemen & WBS element level planning and writes directly into COSS & COSP tables.

When we try to reconcile the data, we realize that there are some strange planned values entered against F versions. And these values are not generated by CJR2, as because the values are against PS NW Activity Levels or PM work Order levels. (We attach PM Orders to the WBS elements.) We tried to find the cause of these financial transactions, which obviously ruin the planned version data. We first extracted these line items from COSS and COSP tables. And then tried to find anything in COEP and could not find anything COEP corresponding these. Step by step, I do the following:

Now the question here is, how could I find the details of an item in COSS&COSP which does not have any entries in COEP table which is generated for a completely custom planned version?


Savas Yazici