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Oct 17, 2007 at 04:24 PM

Install of HA MaxDB in a Sun Cluster 3.2 environment


Hi. I am installing SAP Content Server using MaxDB in a Sun Cluster 3.2 environment. According to the SUN doc, I must install the X_server as a scalable resource/service. For a scalable resource, I have to make the disk available on both nodes of the cluster. I need to identify what are all the executables for the x_server so that I can make those mount points a NFS share. From looking at the content of previous non-clustered installs, I am thinking I need to make the directories /sapdb/data and /sapdb/program NFS to isolate the x_server components. Does anyone have experience with this setup ? I've placed a log with OSS but wanted to see if anyone else in the forum has done this before. Thanks for any input.