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Former Member
Oct 17, 2007 at 03:30 PM

Method not defined


I've written a standard workflow task that is triggered by a standard event for a particular object type ( Accounting Documents specifically but it shouldn't particularly matter). From there, I created a custom BOR Object that is a child type of BKPF and defined a new method containing some custom ABAP code.

The custom ABAP code works great. The trigger fires correctly. But when the trigger attempts to call into the custom ABAP code it fails stating that the method type is not defined for the parent type. This is of course true, but it is defined for the child. The trigger seems to be acting on the parent class, which isn't what I want but I'm uncertain of how to change that. I'm clearly missing something simple here, but I can't think of what. Any point in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.