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Oct 17, 2007 at 03:36 PM

Receive object (GoodReceipt or Draft or Invoice) can not be created



I am receiving this error in the message log of B1i when receiving a draft goods receipt back from the R/3 system.

We have 2 sets of systems configured with B1i: B1TEST to R3TEST and B1PROD to R3PROD. We are using sales from local stock. In the test environment, everything works fine: the purchase order in B1 triggers a sales order in R/3, R/3 sends back the order number, and successfully generates a draft goods receipt in B1.

In Prod, the purchase order also triggers the sales order in R/3, and R/3 also sends back the order number to B1, but the creation of the draft goods receipt "fails" with the following message: "Receive object (GoodReceipt or Draft or Invoice) can not be created. Please check reference document."

I have no idea where to start looking to troubleshoot this, can I view any more detailed information somewhere - I am not an expert on B1i ...

Any help welcome