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Sep 20, 2017 at 08:35 PM

Dual -sourcing for two material


Hi Expert!

I need your help on finding solution for one of the request I received from business. Business is trying to do dual sourcing of a material from 2 supplier. Both the supplier would be supplying same physical part, but business want to have to different material number for each supplier in our SAP system because of some terms with suppliers. Now business want to procure from both supplier with 50/50 split of requirement/demand of the material.

let me explain the scenario, we have a physical part which can be procured from either Supplier 1 or supplier 2. Business wants to have different material numbers for each supplier for this physical part in our SAP system. Lets call Material A from supplier 1 and Material B from supplier 2. This physical part (Mat A/Mat B) goes into assembly of Material C. Required qty of this physical part is '1' EA in BOM of Mat C.

Business wants to do 50/50 split of requirements of the physical part (mat A/ mat B) between supplier 1 and supplier 2 for each Production Order/planned order of Mat C. or procure from supplier 1 for first Production order and from supplier 2 for second Production Order of Material C and so on.

This is similar to quota arrangement of 50/50 split between two supplier but our scenario includes 2 material. We cannot use Quota arrangement as it works for one material at a time.

We tried using alternative material functionality in BOM with 50 % probability for both material A and Material B, but system is doubling the required qty to 2 , 1 for each material. But required qty is only 1 and this can lead to over procurement.

We will really appreciate if anyone can suggest something on this.

Please note we use scheduling agreement with supplier for procuring. And I suggest business to go with one material number and use Quota arrangement, but they have long explanation why they want to have different material number for both suppliers.