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Sep 20, 2017 at 12:14 PM

element linking


Hi ,

I have a requirement in element linking, I have two tables and one cell in my report.

ex: Table A, Table B and Cell(View)

When the user click "Table A" then corresponding value will be filtered in "Table B" , this is done using of element linking, now other requirement is i have one more cell in below table A called View, when the user click View cell then this will open a new report window and show the more detail abut the "Table A" value (which i selected).

The Data will be in "Table A" is concatenated value ex: aaaa (First Name) - cccc(Last Name) aaaa - cccc

The detail report is having two different prompt called first name and Last name, now i have to pass the Fist name - aaaa to the detail report first name prompt and cccc i need to pass to the last name prompt.

I don't know how to capture the Table A user selected value and find the fist name and last name and pass to the detail report.

i am thinking to use Report filter summary and POS, Substring function but not able to achieve it.

Can you please help me