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Oct 17, 2007 at 09:03 AM

Setting the tooltip of CL_HTMLB_DROPDOWNLISTBOX in an iterator?



I'm new to the forum and quite new to BSP, so please bear with me if I'm asking simple questions 😉

I tried to set the tooltip property of a CL_HTMLB_DROPDOWNLISTBOX instance in an iterator like this:

DATA:    col_dropdown       TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_dropdownlistbox.

      CREATE OBJECT col_dropdown.
      col_dropdown->tooltip = 'Test'.

The dropdown list works ok and all is fine, but the tooltip is not displayed. However, when I use the tooltip property on a BSP page, it works fine:

                                   <htmlb:dropdownListBox id                = "SalesOrg"
                                           table             = "</= controller->CuCo->DD_SALESORG />"
                                           nameOfKeyColumn   = "TKEY"
                                           nameOfValueColumn = "DESCRIPTION"
                                           selection         = "</= sarea />"
                                           disabled          = "</= SalesAreaDisabled />"
                                           tooltip             = "Test"
                                           width="200" />

I'm using Design2002 as the display style. Could anybody please tell me what I have to do to make it work?