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Sep 20, 2017 at 09:44 AM

Automation on failed Schedules in BO


Hi Techies,

Is there any way to automate failed schedules in BO using CMC or external source like macros/java scripts ?

I know there is option as "Number of retries allowed" under Recurrence for each schedule. This can be activated through CMC. But in our case there are already around 2000+ schedules so, to implement this whcich does not look practical at this point.

I also know there is a concept called as PACKAGE, where we need to copy all the scheduled reports under package and schedule it. But i think this method has some drawbacks based on few scenarios.

Are there any other methods, where instead of manually running the failed schedules, if it can be automated then HIGHLY APPRECIATED.

Note: Current environment in the Project is BO 4.2 SP4. All the schdules are running on WEBI reports.

Thanks in Advance