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Oct 17, 2007 at 07:06 AM

SOAP adapter: port, logging/tracing, http/https



several questions concerning SOAP adapter:

SAP XI 3.0 SP19 used.

<b>Scenario 1:</b>

SOAP request adressing J2EE port


<b>Scenario 2:</b>

SOAP request adressing ABAP port


<b>Question 1:</b>

What happens with a SOAP request adressed to the ABAP port?

Obviously it is forwarded to the J2EE port but where is this forwarding function documented

and is it allowed in every case to send SOAP messages to ABAP port?

<b>Question 2:</b>

What logging and tracing functionalities do i have in both scenarios before the message enters (before RWB)?

E.g. where can i see unsuccessful requests (e.g. if there is mistyping in SenderChannel).

Then it not visible in Runtime Workbench but whereelse?

If the ABAP port is adressed i see something in SMICM trace file, but very cryptic and not conclusive.

Do you know further trace/log files for both scenarios (Visual Admin?) ?

<b>Question 3:</b>

What is the difference if https is used concerning logs and traces?

Do i have more or less possibilities?

Thank you very much in advance for comments.