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How to link SAP data to generate E-Waybill in government site?

Is there any option to feed data from SAP GUI to government site

Business requirement is to feed required data from SAP GUI to Government website then from there automatically generate Ewaybill.

Please suggest in bulk how to do this activity.

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  • Thanks for reply Mr. G Lakshmipathi.

    Why I posted this query is SD billing document related details and shipment details(route, truck no/RR number) user needs to feed at government Eway bill site..

    Without E-Waybill there will be problem to business for supply of sales on time.

    Please suggest or tag in correct blog to get solution for this.

  • Hi,

    Did you find any solution in this ?

    In our current Project, we have developed a report in SAP as per the Utility report given by gvt to upload the file in bulk and generate E-Way Numbers. Once,E-Way Bill numbers are generated same can be linked to Invoice via J1IGEBILL for that SAP has provided two notes to implement i.e Note No. 2598300 & 2598492.

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