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Oct 17, 2007 at 02:27 AM

xMii 12.0 Installation



I want to set up the xMii 12.0 environment, so I read the document "SAPxMII120_INSTG_WIN.pdf".

According to the document at page 12, I logged on to the SAP Service Marketplace at

Then I choose the SAP Support Portal - Downloads.

But I can't search for SAP xMII 12.0.

And I cannot download the file.

I use the link "Software Search" and set the keyword "xMII 12". I cannot find nothing as the result.

As next, in the left side menu, "Download - Installations and Upgrades - Entry by Application Group",

I selected the link SAP xApps. In the next window, I selected the SAP XMII - SAP XMII.

But I found only SAP XMII 11.5 in the next window.

Where can I download the from?

How can I start the install of xMii12!

Please teach me.