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Sep 19, 2017 at 02:16 PM

Problem with keyfigure in TREX result table



our problem is as follows:

In a PAK planning application, within the HANA stored procedure we read the value of a master data attribute (stored as a key figure) from the master data view in the BW schema and proceed on it, so that E_T_TABLE contains several records with this value as the technical keyfigure. The data types of this master data attribute and the technical keyfigure are identical. The resulting records in E_T_TABLE look as they should, with the attribute value as the key figure. However, already in the result table in the ABAP debugger these key figures appear as 0. (Other key figures developed from the I_VIEW and I_REF_VIEW tables continue to exist in the debugger result table).

We have tried several conversion measures in the procedure, but none was successful.

Does anyone have an idea what's the reason and cure for this behaviour?

Thanks a lot in advance