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Oct 16, 2007 at 09:09 PM

Attribute Variable in BI 7


Hello Gurus,

I need to use a Variable Attribute in a Web Layout. This Attribute will be used only for user selection and then the value used into a characterisitc exit variable.

The situation is as follow:

1. Resposible Person attr of Cost Center.

2. Attr variable on Responsible person in web layout

3. Capture use selection on responsible person variable in web layout.

4. Execute Varibale Exit in Level for Cost Center variable with user selection as parameter.

My questions are:

a. How can I get the user selected variable for Responsible Person?

- Z_GET_VARIABLE_DETAIL doesn't work for attr variable.

b. It is possible to restrict the possible Responsible Person entries to the only contained in the Cost Center Master data? Drop Down ?

Thanks in Advance.