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Storage Unit in Destructive Inspection - message L9 042 Storage type & not suitable as an interface

Sep 19, 2017 at 01:46 PM


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Hi experts,

I encounter a problem with destructive inspection.

Destructive inspection is set in characteristic.

When creating transfert order after Good movement, sample is sent to a SU managed Storage Type.

When i try to set the usage decision i got message L9 042 Storage type & not suitable as an interface.

How can i manage SU in this case (destructive inspection) ?

in my inspection plan i have 5 characteristics , 2 are destructive. 5 samples (1 per charac) how can i give information to SAP to destroy the good SU ?

Thank's in advance

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3 Answers

Craig S
Sep 19, 2017 at 03:08 PM

You are creating 5 samples. Are you creating 5 SU's? Is the remaining qty of the material in another SU?

In your scenario you appear to have maybe 6 SU's but at least two. How is QM expected to know which SU to consume? What is the storage type of the SU? It should be Q I believe but your WM person should be able to tell you. What happens to the material that are non-destructive samples. Are they merged back with SU holding the main qty of material?

It's very hard to trouble shoot issues like this in this type of forum. WM is very unique to the particular client and their warehouse. Even in the same SAP system, warehouse designs can differ greatly. So this is really a case where a QM consultant and a WM consultant need to do sit down together, or at least in a screen sharing session, and spend 3-4 hours going through all the possible scenarios and working out the design.

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Neil Murphy
Sep 19, 2017 at 08:39 PM

An interface between QM and WM is used and in this case always interim storage types should be used. The program tries to directly post to the Storage Type which has been specified. However, the Storage Type is Storage Unit-managed - this is not possible, because the system would need to create new SU numbers. So error L9042 is raised to prevent this. Therefore the SU has to be moved to an interim Storage Type and then do the posting.

It is not allowed to activate storage unit management for interim/interface storage types (including QM interim storage types). It is hard-coded.

Please read the IMG activity documentation in the below path:

-> Logistics Execution
-> Warehouse Management
-> Storage Units
-> Master Data
-> Define Storage Type Control

"Only define physical warehouses as storage types for storage unit management. You cannot define storage unit management for interim storage types"

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shailesh mishra Sep 25, 2017 at 09:17 AM


I can see what mistake has been done in this. Generally, the usage decision is performed in Interim storage area. Since you have already putaway the stock in the respective storage type which is SU managed before usage decision is performed, so inspection data is lost because of Quant merger as ''Addition to existing stock'' might have been ticked for the destination storage type where SU has been placed.Please check this settings

Generally the flow of QM WM interface should be like this for putaway after UD

Example for Inspection type 01.

PO--->GR(101 IM)--->Creation of TR(WM)--Material in 902(interim Storage area)---Perform UD( 321)---->IM stock moved to unrestricted, however, WM stock is still in QI-----Process Posting change Notice(LU04, LT05)----Confirm TO(LT12)-----> Now create TO of initially created TR and confirm TO, stock will be putawayed. Finally WM stock is also in unrestricted.

There is also a process of Putaway before Usage decision.( There is configuration which control this)

In the case flow is like this.

GR(101)----> TR generation--->Create TO-->Confirm TO--->Perform UD(321)--->Process Posting change Notice LU04--->Create TO from PCN--->Confirm PCN TO...

Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

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