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Sep 19, 2017 at 12:40 PM

SAPUI5 Application sample which runs on top of HANA XS Engine showing KPI's and dashboards


Based on customer requests, I was searching for how-to's which show how to create and present KPI's and dashboards with the HANA development perspective, which is based on SAPUI5 on top of HANA XS engine. See examples below (screenshots from SAPB1 Fiori dashboard). I couldn't find any usable samples or how-to's. Can you provide some details and/or information where to look? Thank you!


quest1-hana.png (3.8 kB)
quest2-hana.png (21.8 kB)
quest3-hana.png (10.4 kB)
quest4-hana.png (6.7 kB)