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Oct 16, 2007 at 02:49 PM

Anyone had any success sending SAP R/3 Purchase Order Text to and from MDM?


I am having problems finding a way for the Purchase Order Text from SAP R/3 to interface smoothly with MDM. In R/3 when you are keying the Purchase Order Text, if you don't hit Enter to start a new line, it will automatically wrap to a new line after about 70 characters. Because of these multiple lines, the IDOC extracts this as separate lines. When I import this into MDM I want these multiple lines to be concatenated into one field (which I believe I figured out), but then I also want to be able to edit the text as one field, but am not sure if this will interface back to R/3 correctly. The thing I want to avoid is having to setup a separate field in MDM for each line that is extracted from R/3...I want it to be all lumped together like it is in R/3.

Any suggestions?