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Sep 20, 2017 at 10:19 AM

Cumulative balance in P&L is up 'to' date, not 'from' date


Dear exports,

When creating a P&L-statement from the standard reports and using the standard SAP template, the figure in the 'Cumulative prior years' seems to display the total balance up to the selected 'to-date', so including the balance in the currently selected period. This does not make sense, as it does not allow the user the make a comparison between the current and the prior period. It also does not match what is described in the Help file for SBO, which states that the balance in the prior years column should be the balance up to the selected from date, which would make sense.

I have tested this in a test database, by first running the report for 2017 en picking an account which had no balance in the current period, but did have a balance in the prior years column. I then created an invoice on that account and ran the report again with the same parameters. The EUR 1.000 booking did show in the current period column, but was also added to the prior year balance. This does not make sense, as the booking applied to the current period, not to prior periods.

I can find no mentioning of this in the forums, nor in any notes. I have added a screenshot of the selection criteria for the P&L report. Does anyone have any idea whether I should change the selection criteria, or whether this is an SAP error.

Kind regards,


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