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Bug /Bad UX: myQuestions: no indication that it's closed!

Sep 20, 2017 at 10:13 AM


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When viewing questions in my Profile, I do now see which ones have an accepted answer. (

But: An indication, that a Question is closed is not provided:

...I don't know if the concept of having two ways to "settle" a question (accepting one of it's answers or closing it (or both)) is smart..

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2 Answers

Audrey Stevenson
Sep 21, 2017 at 02:03 PM

Hi Joachim,

Could you provide some information on the use case for this? Why specifically would you want to see in the profile which questions are closed? We don't expect members to use profiles to find questions to answer...



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Hey Audrey,

sure: what I did yesterday, is go to all of my old questions an see which ones are solved/answered by now.
And which ones are still open/maybe need more input or something.

I used my profile for getting that list of questions, and the "answered" indicator is a great help to see which ones I no longer have to bother.
(I think other users do this from time to time, too, right?)

But if there are questions in the list that are closed (but not answered) I'll unnecessarily open them again every time I do this, as I can’t tell from the list that they are closed.

Hope this makes my suggestion a little clearer.




OK, thanks for the clarification on how you would use this information.

It's my understanding that the question/answer/comment content types and the accepted/closed/locked functions are under review in our overall work with the UX team to bring improvements to the community, so this will be part of that review and not something that the profile team will address separately.


As a side-note, this "answered / closed" duality is causing issues with the Q&A list as well. E.g. the "unanswered questions" filter still includes the closed questions and that is incorrect. It does not really matter whether the question is "answered" or "closed" (= no answer found but OP does not want to pursue it any longer). Both scenarios simply mean that an answer is no longer expected.

I'm pretty sure I've already posted about the "unanswered" filter somewhere but it has not changed so far AFAIK.


Hi, Jelena:

I had been out of the office, so I'm just seeing this. Apologies for the delay. I can bring to the attention of the right people.

Best regards,


Moshe Naveh
Oct 08, 2017 at 12:14 PM

Jelena Perfiljeva Thanks a lot for the reminder. I've raised your suggestion multiple time and requested a status update as to what's our UX strategy regarding this topic. I hope to provide more information on Monday/Tuesday.

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