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How to follow user-defined tags?

Oct 12, 2016 at 06:51 PM


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How can I follow user-defined tags? (Is this even possible?)

As an example ...

SAP has a product called "Data Assurance" (DA) ... part of the Sybase library of products. And while DA is usually associated with SAP/Sybase Replication Server (SRS), DA is a standalone product with its own licensing requirements.

In both (old and new) SCN environments there are no 'official' tags for Data Assurance (eg, try doing a tag search on 'assurance'), so those of us who posted about DA (eg, in blogs) would create a user-defined tag of 'data assurance', 'sap data assurance' and/or 'sybase data assurance'.

At this point I'm trying to figure out how/if I can follow a user-defined tag (eg, 'data assurance', 'sap data assurance' or 'sybase data assurance') ... ?

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3 Answers

Susan Keohan
Oct 12, 2016 at 06:55 PM

I am on a 'new SCN' call right now, and no, you cannot follow 'user created' tags. Here's the con-call info...

The phone lines are now open! Give us a call & let us know what's on your mind. Passcode: 4906867921 Web conference:

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Mark A Parsons Oct 12, 2016 at 07:00 PM

Thanks but I don't have time to sit on a group conference call to complain about the new system ... you're more than welcome to search for my Q&A's under the 'Using' tag (if that's even doable) to get an idea of the issues I've got with the new system.

In a nutshell, the new system is no where near as 'intuitive' as the old system, the new system is more complicated than the old system, and the new system appears (to me) to be far less 'user friendly' than the old system.

To paraphrase another poster's comments about the new system ... looks like a system put together by a newbie UX/UI developer with little/no thought to usability by a technically-minded audience.

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Hi Mark,

Sure, I understand. It is definitely a challenge. I guess now we know how our users feel when we go live with SAP ;-)

I just wanted you to be aware of the fact that there *are* SCN Support calls going on, and you can make time for them if you need to.

Good luck,




Understood, and thanks for the heads up re: conf calls.


ps - FYI, I wasn't b-i-t-c-h-ing at you (the messenger) ... just b-i-t-c-h-ing at the system. :-)

Jamie Cantrell
Oct 20, 2016 at 07:07 PM

Hi Mark,

As Susan mentioned, this is currently not available, but on the list for exploration in future development. I definitely understand the need for this and am working to keep it on the development group's radar.



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