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Sep 20, 2017 at 09:16 AM

OpenDocument call from custom element in WEBI


I am developing a custom element for a customer and they would like to open a detail report from selections in the custom element. I am using D3 to visualize the data with the custom elements solutions in web intelligence.

The visual is running fine, but the iframe in which the custom element is displayed in the report is a sandboxed iframe. This iframe allow-scripts and allow-same-origin, but not the allow-popups or allow-top-navigation. I understand why this has been done, to protect end users against mallicious scripts or other code. But this also means that adding just a hyperlink with normal anchor <a> tags in the visual results in not being able to open these hyperlinks. I also tried referencing the target of the anchor tag to the iframe, but all reports have a form tag, which is also not allowed by the sandboxed iframe.

Is there a solution to be able to open a detail report with an opendocument link in the WEBI environment, i have found some javascripts files in the tomcat server which seems like a library to perform an opendocument call but i cannot find any information on how to use this library. Anybody got any suggestions to this problem?