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Oct 16, 2007 at 11:00 AM

Problem with posting free goods delivery


I need some help,

when I'm posting the goods issue in VL02N I'm receiving following error:

<i>Item Material Description Delivery qty UoM Batch

000001 XAK 256 N50 CB P35 CN UR V35/ AUTOALARM DOG 50 1 ST

E KO 014

Order 2000574 cannot carry revenues</i>

First I don't know why the order no is 2000574 when the delivery was done to order 2065030645, but it's not a problem to me, the problem is why I'm getting the error 'the order cannot carry revenues' because the delivery is made to an free goods order and the order has values of 0 in pricing conditions.

Looking forward to reciving some help 😊