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How to tell the last time a blog/question was updated/commented-on?

Oct 12, 2016 at 06:32 PM


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With the old SCN I could see a list of blogs/discussions/documents with a datetime stamp showing the last time each item was updated/commented-on/replied-to. This made it easy to tell which items I haven't seen (since my last time in the forum).

I don't see such a timestamp in the list of items under a tag.

With the new system I have to click on *each* item, wait for the system to find and display the item, then re-sort the replies/comments by datetime stamp, then scroll to the end of the page ... just to figure out if anything new has been posted to the item (since the last time I viewed the item).

And heaven forbid I'm in any sort of a hurry because moving back (from the individual blog/Q&A item) to the list of items under a tag takes forever (compared to the old SCN).

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Steffi Warnecke
Oct 12, 2016 at 08:17 PM

Hello Mark,

if you start from "Questions and Answers", there is a timestamp under each entry. This is missing when you look at all content of a tag, yes. But I don't think this is a bug, but has potential for the Idea Place.



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Thanks, but that just highlights even more confusion ... for example:

I've got a tag for SAP Replication Server : ... which does not show a timestamp for the last update.

If I filter this tag to only show Questions I still don't get a timestamp for the last update.

But if I use the SAP Replication Server Q&A tag : ... I see the same list of items as when filtering the SAP Replication Server tag by Questions ... but I also see the timestamp for the last update.

So, (at least) 2 different ways to pull up a list of questions for a given tag, but the displayed info is different ... WTF ?!?!?!

And don't even ask me how I found the 2 different tags as I don't really recall ... other than stumbling around for a couple hours this morning !

I'm also guessing there's yet another separate tag for SAP Replication Server blogs, with datetime stamps of last activity ... but I haven't stumbled over that one ... yet.


I don't think those are different tags, but the same one, just looked at through different application. When you look at the url, you see that the tag pages and the q&a page come from different places. And q&a has those timestamps, we want to see. The blog and tag sites do not.

That's why I meant to create an idea about unifying the overview lists. ;) One thing that is on the todo list is to convert those fuzzy timestamps into real ones. Meaning instead of "30 minutes ago" or "yesterday" you get the date and time.

So maybe when they implement that, the lists will also be unified in their look and feel. :)


FWIW, I've submitted 2 ideas/requests ... show more details (timestamp/owner of last change) for all items (Q&A, blogs) ... use a common/single page for showing Q&A (same for blogs).


The ideas sound a lot the same IMO. Buuut okay. I voted both up to be sure. ;)


Yeah, kinda.

If they choose to keep 2 different pages ... then make them look the same.

If they choose one page then it'll obviously only have one format ... but please include the datetime/owner of the last change.

The current implementation appears to have different developers working on overlapping areas, w/ little/no coordination between developers. I was afraid with just one idea that only one developer might get involved and choose to implement only a partial solution. Sooo, 2 ideas, for 2 different developers (who might not coordinate their activity).


Mark "Mr Pessimistic" Parsons

Former Member
Mark A Parsons

Hi Mark,

Great feedback, get more people to up vote your ideas, please. Can you post the specific links to your ideas here?

best regards,