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Production Order Output - printing 3 copies ?

Sep 20, 2017 at 12:17 AM


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Dear seniors,

We have a scenario where the production order after release will print the following:

- production order header

- components list

- missing parts list

The 3 documents are setup as separate lists in the same plant.

The requirement is to print 3 copies of the Production Order Header. The rest should be one copy.

The customizing is setup in OPK8 and for the list we need 3 copies we maintained the "Number of printouts" to 3.

After doing this, it still prints 1 copy only.

Setting the number of printouts to 3 in the header will print all of them 3 times and we don't want that.

Please let me know your suggestions.

Many thanks,


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1 Answer

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Alex Cotoara Sep 20, 2017 at 05:45 PM

I managed to solve this one after lots of testing. It's an urgent topic for my customer and time is the essence.

In OPK8 in you the in the header the Ref ord type, MRP Controllers, Plant ... etc. You also have the Print Variant and Number of printouts.

In my system the Print Variant is 1 and Number of Printouts in the header is 1.

In the List Control for Transactions section, I assigned the Number of Printouts to my list to be 3 and it was not working before.

I assigned also the Print Variant on the left side of the Number of printouts and now it works.

It seems like assigning the print variant is essential for setting the number of printouts for a particular list.


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