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Sep 19, 2017 at 09:30 PM

Error when editing Lumira 2.0 Discovery data source


I am working with Lumira 2.0 Discovery and keep running in to an error when trying to edit a Universe data source.

I am able to successfully create the desired data source from a universe source. But, when trying to edit the data source at a later time, I get the error "Unable to open document created from another server. Login to the correct server and reopen the document".

The Lumira document has been created in one environment and I continue to edit within this environment (DEV). The LUMX document is stored on the BI Platform and I am able to succesfully open and edit the document itself without any issues.

Since I am early in the development process, both the Universe and Lumira document are going through revisions. It is as if any change to the Universe, then gets the data source out of sync. But, you have to be able to work and edit both to do any significant development.

Has anyone seen this error? Any suggestions on how to get around this? I can't continue to create a new datasource each time I want to make a change to the measures and dimensions used.

I am using Lumira 2.0 SP2

Thanks in advance for any help!