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Sep 19, 2017 at 10:13 PM

SAP B1 & web site integration: SANA, Magento, etc, pros/cons

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We are currently in the process of our SAP B1 platform being built, and we are considering our options for our e-commerce/frontend. I'm curious, what platform do most B1 customers use for the their frontend? What funtionality/reliability factors should we take into consideration when making this decision?

Our current site is Magento backed, but we were pitched SANA to go along with our B1 environment, and part of the pitch was that if we didn't go with SANA that we would lose usability & reliability. If we continue with our current Magento site we would need an api connection software [any recommendations?] which adds another layer of logistics, and while our programmers are familiar with php [Magento] they have never worked with c# [SANA].

Can any other B1 users shed some light on our decision and/or how they made their own decision, or offer advice/recommendations?