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Hybris Marketing Social Listening - Facebook

Sep 19, 2017 at 10:19 AM


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Hello Experts,

I understand that Hybris Marketing Cloud can fairly easily perform social listening from Twitter through HCI and the available APIs however I have not yet seen any examples of Hybris Marketing Cloud being able to "Listen" or absorb posts from Facebook. My question is as follows:

1. Is it possible or is it seen as more private than Twitter data

2. If if it possible, what is the scope of its capabilities i.e. do the Facebook users have to be friends with or follow the organisation who wants to listen? Does the facebook user have to tag the organisation?

3. Do the same same iFlows exist for Facebook as they do with twitter or will a bespoke integration be required?

Many thanks,


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Former Member Sep 20, 2017 at 12:13 AM

Dear Mike,

1. / 2.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook does not use search terms to retrieve posts. For the Facebook connection, Facebook fan page posts are retrieved. Since the Fan Page is public (or you have access to it by your access token) any posts on there should be retrieved without any issue.


In HCI, the package "SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud - Facebook Integration" (make sure to use v2.0) is available which:

"This package provides you SAP Cloud Integration content to load Facebook Fan Page posts to your SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system.

The integration content allows to analyze social media posts in the sentiment engagement app in your SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system."

If you look in your HCI environment, it will also contain the Set Up Guide for that connection.

With regards,


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Thanks for your help on this, has greatly assisted with scope.


Dear Mike,

Beside retrieving posts are you able to get information like " email - name - last name - nickname - likes ", what information can you retrieve from facebook?


Danitza Apaza



I am not sure if I am honest. We are going to do a proof of concept soon to see what exactly comes back.

I personally believe that Facebook won't give much data back as it is very locked down.

Many thanks



regarding what data that comes back, I asked that Question a while back and got a reply here:

Basically it's limited to First Name, Last Name, picture, and facebook-id.

You'd need to use Social Login to be allowed to retreive additional data.




Hi Former Member,

we deployed the package on the CPI and now I get the posts of the Facebook Page imported into my yMkt System.

The problem is: I just get the posts of the page itself imported, but not the posts of the users which post on the fanpage.

Do I have to configure something else in yMkt/CPI/Facebook so that the CPI retrieves also the user posts?

Best regards