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App Sentiment Engagement - How to avoid that answers to Facebook Posts appear.

Sep 19, 2017 at 08:56 AM


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Dear Experts,

we have integrated our yM System with Facebook and Facebook Posts on our Fanpage appear in yM which is OK.

But when we answer to the post we would like to avoid that the answer to the post is made available on Hybris Marketing. In the picture the answer is made by the same account. How and where can I set a filter to avoid that answers to customer posts appear in yM?


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Christopher Günther Sep 22, 2017 at 05:57 AM

Hi Oliver,

have a look into the job in SAP Data Services. Within your job there is a python script which is crawling the facebook page (don't have access to SAP DS right now, so can't give you the details). You would have to adjust this script, or the job further down the line to filter out the posts/comments you don't want to import. I am not aware there is a filter to exclude them after they are in Hybris Marketing.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Christopher,

if you have access again to the SAP DS maybe can you send a screenshot? I am struggling now to find the place where and how to change the python script or to understand what you mean :-)

Thank you