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Ship-to party determination from sold-to in sales order

Sep 19, 2017 at 07:57 AM


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Dear community,

I am trying to deal with an incorrect partner functions determination in a sales order.

I have a Customer with different partners per sales area - As you see in the capture, en IT31-10-10 each partner function has different numbers while in IT31-10-20 all partner functions have the same number as the sold-to.

When I create a sales order with header IT31-10-10 the resulting SHIP-TO partner's functions at header level is incorrect - :

The log says that the "partner was defined manually" (!) but I can tell you that it wasn't so something's going wrong or I'm missing something in customizing which I doubt as I am using the standard procedures.

Would you have any idea of why is that happening?

Best Regards,


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1 Answer

Veselina Peykova
Sep 19, 2017 at 08:34 AM

In your KNVP screenshot actually the ship-to parties are different than the sold-to, but this is not important for now.

If I understood you correctly, the order is created without reference and this was done after the master data was changed and it is indeed for IT31-10-10.

Could you also post screenshots of your VOPAN setup for sales order header? I am mainly interested in V_TPAER_VK, because it is possible to have additional custom logic for partner determination via exit.

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Former Member

The ship-to are different for each sales area which is something that can actually happen and yes, you understood perfectly the explanation.

I add the screenshop of VOPAN - header -. The customizing you see is the TA (Standard order).

Many many Thanks for your help!

1.png (54.0 kB)

Your VOPAN setup looks absolutely normal to me and with standard configuration it should determine ship-to from the sold-to party (no x, y,z in origin and nothing specific in the source for SH) .

Is there any chance for another user exit interfering with partner determination? Normally one would expect this to be done done via some of the V09A* enhancements, but I would not eliminate the possibility of other points where this might occur.

This is probably a stupid thing to ask, but are you using common distribution channels or divisions? Such a thing could explain some illogical messages in the determination log and unexpected partner found.


Hi again Veselina,

I agree 100% with you on everything you said. No chance for user exits as the system is still 100% standard.

Not using yet common structures... I know what you mean. Eventually I will need to debug ...