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Intercompany eliminations

Sep 18, 2017 at 09:34 PM


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Hello All,

I have a scenario where I have a parent company A with a wholly owned subsdiary B and we do have configured the interco eliminations between A and B.

Now B has a wholly owned subsidiary as C and we have to consolidate this model which post certain questions:

1. Shall we eliminate as usual between B and C and later C to A

2. What if the business wants to see reports on Level A ? In that case we need to eliminate between C and A too. How can we achieve that and currency elimination also ?

Let me know your inputs.

Appreciate it !


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Thanks Suyash for reaching out regarding how to change the tag. You just need to click edit and then on the "X" in the current tag.

I did the change for you.


Hi Suyash,

What product are you using here?

Is it BPC NW? If so please use this tag going forward:

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver

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Lucas Costa Sep 19, 2017 at 09:32 PM

Hi Suyash,

The currency conversion is pre-requisite for consolidation. CTA usually is calculated here. Plus CT will bring the base data to group level.

When you run Elimination and Adjustments business rule, you cannot run specific rules, BPC run all Elimination and Adjustments rules setup for the model in question.

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Appreciate it Lucas. Makes sense . I will post further if needed.

Thanks !

Lucas Costa Sep 18, 2017 at 10:29 PM

You do not need to run separate consolidations. BPC will take care of everything.

What will happen is that every elimination is posted against the first immediate parent group and upwards (parents of the group).

So if you have a parent above B and C (let's say G_1) and then another parent above G_1 and entity A (let's say G_2), an elimination between B and C will be posted against G_1 and also against G_2.

This is considering you're using normal consolidation. With US is similar but a bit different.

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Suyash Pandey Sep 19, 2017 at 05:27 PM

Appreciate the input Lucas. So will the currency fx eliminations will happen too?

Lets say G_1 is USD and G_2 and B and C are different currencies. So will the conversion to USD will happen for all?


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But currency conversion is performed before intercompany elimination!

P.S. How the tag: SAP Business Process Management

is related to your question? Please remove it and replace with correct secondary tag.


I did. What I meant is the CTA calculation .


Now you also added incorrect tag not related to the question! Public sector?????????


So I have to run currency translation adjustments between all eliminations with different currencies.


Sorry, but please correct the tag! If you don't want to correct it I don't want to answer your questions.


Are you serious Vadim? Being a seasoned SDN contributor I expect some basic courtesy to be followed when I ask or answer others. I am not sure what you want to imply by "If you don't want to correct it I don't want to answer your questions". I am not here to argue with you on what tags I shall put I can correct it and I will but not at your expense.I already wasted my time replying to you and I am very cognizant of our time. So I will give you your time back.

P.S. Its been a while since I logged in and hence using a clients UID to post a question and you can lookup my name to see how I have answered or asked historically. Also I cant find a tag which is appropriate so the right course is to suggest one. My 2 cents


Using incorrect tags create a nightmare in this forum. I am spending a lot of my time looking for unrelated tags. It's the reason why I am asking you to correct it. I also alerted moderator for incorrect tag usage.