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SAP CRM WEBUI - Customer and vin search

Is there any way to do combined search of customer and Vin through WebUI . Currently we are able to do VIN search separately and customer search separately. How to do this combined search??

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  • Hi Kumar,

    When you mention VIN search, do you mean vehicle identification number search?

    Can you explain your question in detail? A Screenshot is appreciated.

    1. Which business role and component/view you are using to do separate customer and Vin search now?
    2. Which component/view you want to combine these two searches?
    3. Please provide a screenshot or the detail which business role/work center we need to choose to do the customer/Vin search?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Bruce,

    Yes I mean vehicle identification number search.

    1. Currently we are using below component for search.

    Business role - InteractionCenter Agent Auto

    Customer Search BSP component - ICCMP_BP_SEARCH, View - BUPASEARCHB2B

    Vehicle Search BSP component - ICCMP_AUTO_VEHI , View - VEHISEARCH

    2. We are looking if there is any existing component which can do combined search of customer name + Vehicle Identification Number

    3. You can choose InteractionCenter Agent Auto business role and Account Identification Work center.

    Requirement is to do combined search. Help and support appreciated.

    Please do let me know if more information is required.



  • Hi Kumar,

    Based on your information, I have changed the primary tag to

    CRM Interaction Center, the relevant question should belong to component


    Best Regards,


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1 Answer

  • Oct 15, 2017 at 06:23 AM


    If you use CRM Interaction Center in SAP CRM, then I recommend to check multiple account identification. Here you have the option to use different tabs which you can customize separately. For each tab you can specific which search scenario should be used and restrict the search with further customizing attributes.

    Best Regards, Sigrid

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