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ATC transport checks not working

Sep 18, 2017 at 08:23 AM


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Currently I'm setting up an environment for central ATC checks.

In one of the satellite development systems I've configured ATC also for transport checks:

  • transport checks in SE03 activated
  • ATC block on Prio 1 and 2

A manual ATC check on a report I'm getting a Prio 1 and a Prio 2 message (which is correct).

To test the transport checks, the report is in a normal workbench transport and a transport of copies.

My problem: no error occurred during the realease of the transport task nor during the release of the transport of copies. I've not yet released the workbench transport yet because in my opinion the ATC check should already took place in the above events (and I don't really want to transport the report)

Any idea on how to evaluate the reason why the ATC checks on transport release don't work like expected in my system? Or does the check realy only take place at the release of a workbench transport?

Ping Thomas Fiedler

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Thomas Fiedler
Sep 18, 2017 at 10:34 AM

Hi Uwe,

for transport of copies the automatic ATC check is not enabled.

We only support the release of transport tasks and transport requests.



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Good to know, thank you. Maybe you can update the doco under or

.. or better: because we have a huge number of development systems and we often transport copies between these systems it would be nice / important if the check also would work with transport of copies (pretty please... )

Are you sure that the check also should work at release of the task? Because as mentioned it doesn't work in my system (7.40 SP15)


Regarding the ATC on task release: see SAP note 2495410 - Object checks during task release

Danke Thomas!


Hi Uwe,

I will add this feature (ATC Checks for transport of copies) to our backlog.



Former Member

Hey Thomas,

can you specify when the ATC Check for transport of copies will be released?

At the moment it is possible to circumvent the ATC check when the developer just work with transport of copies. This might be a problem for the code quality in the following systems.

Best regards,