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SUM Path Issue

I am in the process of upgrading my Solution Manager from 7.1 to 7.2. Using the latest SUM tool 1.0 SP21, right off the start I get an error that it cannot find files during the kernel check, See below, I am using SIDADM. I can from windows server, open a command prompt and type in disp+work -v and get results, so my path works. I can cleaned the path, tested the path, just seems like SUM is only grabbing the SYSTEM path and not USER path. So I tried that, added my path to the kernel in the system path. No way! I did find a few oss notes that quote the same error, but no help. Any advice out there?

1 ETQ201 Entering upgrade-phase "MOD_SELROADMAP/TOOLVERSXML_KERNELPARAMS_ROADMAP" ("20170918130836")

4WETQ399 Cannot find 'tp' in current path!

4WETQ399 Cannot find 'R3trans' in current path!

4WETQ399 Cannot find 'R3load' in current path!

2 ETQ367 Connect variables are set for standard instance access

4 ETQ399 System-nr = '', GwService = 'sapgw' Client = '000'


1 ETQ399 Phase arguments:

2 ETQ399 Arg[ToolVersXML] = 'ToolVers.xml'

2 ETQ399 Arg[TypesList]= 'CUR'

2 ETQ399 Arg[ToolFilter]= 'disp+work'

2 ETQ399 Arg[Options]= 'SETKERNELPARAMS'

1 ETQ399 Using a tool filter disp+work...

1 ETQ399 Determining some tool versions from current path...

1 ETQ399 Executing the command 'disp+work' for the 'non-ignorable' tool 'disp+work' in cur-path '(null)'

1 ETQ399 Output of 'disp+work' to be found in 'disp+work_cur.out'

1EETQ399 Error: Non-ignorable executable 'disp+work' in dir '<current tool path>' does not exist - missing!

1EETQ399 Last error code set is: Error: The command 'disp+work' from tool 'disp+work' could not be executed


1EETQ204 Upgrade phase "TOOLVERSXML_KERNELPARAMS_ROADMAP" aborted with severe errors ("20170918130836")

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2 Answers

  • Dec 16, 2017 at 05:29 AM

    Hello Joshua Lacroix,

    Please look in to SAP Note :

    2231295 - SUM error: Cannot find executable 'disp+work' in path: PATH

    Thank you


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  • Dec 20, 2017 at 06:42 PM

    I should now detail my findings on this issue.

    What I found was, the SUM tool must have a character length limit it can read from the system path.

    According to this link

    it describes the system path length for windows 2008 server.

    My system was well below the character threshold, if I opened a CMD, launched set or path, I could see my complete path along with the path to my kernel. I was under the limitation set by windows. I know this because I could execute kernel commands from my CMD path.

    However, when SUM would launch and read my path, it appears it couldn't read as many characters. I had 2 options, clean my path down in order for SUM to make it to my kernel path or move my kernel path string to the start of the system path. I strongly believe its an issue with the SUM tool, I cant remember my log of the error and how many characters SUM would read, but I know it wasn't very long. I have reproduced it now several times on other servers, and now my fix is to add my kernel lines to the start of the system path.

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